The most popular summer 2022 jewellery

The most popular summer 2022 jewellery

Trends for summer

Agree that everyone has their favourite pieces of jewellery for summer. They're different from what you're used to wearing at other times of the year. More lightness, freedom, layering and other nuances. We've put together a comprehensive guide to summer jewellry for you. It will help you decide when you want to add to your collection of seasonal jewellery. The FJewelery online store offers a large assortment of accessories to help you look elegant, beautiful and fashionable wherever you go.

Summer jewellery trends

The choice of jewellery is even more popular in summer. Hair is bundled up so it's not so hot, which means you can decorate your ears and neck with beautiful earrings, neck chains and necklaces. The long sleeves don't hide the arms, which means it's time to buy bracelets and add to your ring collection. Shorts and skirts are on your legs, which means you can accessorise your anklets cute with a bracelet. How to add to your collections? Here are 8 of this season's best trends:

  1. Be brave! Multi-texture will be popular this season. The more you can combine different jewellery textures, the better. But everything is good in moderation - don't forget that. How do you put this into practice? For example, three different weave chains can be complemented with torque bangles, a ring and earrings of simple design. It will look flashy and bold. Choose chains with different types of weave that are approximately the same thickness or one step thicker. This will make them look more harmonious.
  2. What gemstones come to mind when you think of the beach? Of course! It's pearls and all transparent blue gems (topaz, aquamarine, etc.). They're just made for a light summer evening. Freshwater pearl earrings and a pendant will set the right mood. If mother-of-pearl isn't to your liking, white gold jewellery without gemstones is ideal.
  3. Even more layers! Multi-layered chains around the neck, an abundance of bracelets, rings and more rings are the perfect trend for those who love jewellery and know how to create their own sets. Experiment with layering. Neck and arm chains that overlap in style are a great option. The composition can be complemented with earrings of simple design and the look is ready.
  4. Body jewellery. This includes elegant chains to accentuate your waist and ankle chains. The advice is simple: choose openwork jewellery. If you like to shine, opt for diamond cat-shaped jewellery. Imagine what you'll look like at a party in this jewellery!
  5. Cuff bracelets are very popular this season. They look massive, but not on a woman's dainty arm. And using the trend of layering, you can add originality to any outfit. For example, you can wear a wide bracelet with mother-of-pearl, and diamond tennis bracelets to it and add to the composition a couple of light chains with openwork weave. Try it; it's a really fun look!
  6. Massive necklaces. They look simply stunning. They can be made only of precious materials, with or without precious stones. They are already in the sale and in our store. It's very style!
  7. Enamel is still at the peak of popularity. Fashion houses offer huge collections of jewellery in this design. They look like colourful pictures on the body. These can be huggies earrings with enamel or massive bracelets - the choice is yours. Such jewellery is a must-have for all ladies this summer.
  8. Chains with medallions haven't gone out of style for years. This season they are popular again. It can be a locket with a meaning that only you know, or just a pretty little thing that will help add mystery to your look.

Torque Bangles

How to look after my jewellery in summer?

If you choose precious metals and gemstones, then you should bear in mind:

  • Pearls are afraid of direct sunlight, so don't wear them if you decide to sunbathe and swim. But jewellery looks great in urban looks and at parties.
  • Gold jewellery can tarnish in salt water. So when buying summer jewellery, choose the highest-carat gold. For example, 24 or 18 carat. This is more resistant to salt water and sunlight.
  • After swimming in salt water with your gemstone jewellery, it should be rinsed under running fresh water to wash away all the salts. Otherwise, it will look dull and you'll need a professional cleaning after the beach season.
  • Don't go swimming in the sea with expensive jewellery. Losing them while swimming is not the best option. Especially when you consider that their price is quite high. Wearing something fancy to a beach party, for example, is another matter.

Summer earrings

FJewellery does everything so that you can replenish your stock at the best possible cost. We have already added new models to our catalogue. You can browse through it and choose what you feel perfect in. Have a great summer experience!

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