Push present is the best manifestation of love for a beautiful lady!

Push present is the best manifestation of love for a beautiful lady!

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It's very important for a young mother to feel love, support and care from the closest people - this gives her strength and desire not to give up. And even if you don't have time to help her with newborn care or various household chores, you can always bring her joy in another way - that's what push presents were conceived for! A cute surprise that will make a girl smile and show your warm feelings and attention to her better than any words. In this article, the FJewellery team has collected all the information about such presents, and we can't wait to share it with you! We will tell you about the origin of this tradition, tell you what gifts to choose, share tips and ideas! Get comfortable and let's start exploring this topic together!

Push present is:

You may have heard this term and could not understand what it means. These words can be heard during a gender party, soulful baby shower or from articles for new and expectant mothers. So, what is everyone talking about?

A push present is a surprise made by a loved one or close relative. It's given to a newly-made mother after childbirth or in the last months before them. This gift symbolises a new stage in her life - happy motherhood, like gratitude from a partner that she gave the world a new life and a long-awaited child. Such an item will be pleasant to any pregnant woman, and it's most often presented immediately after childbirth or a little later in the maternity hospital.

It was believed that the partner (boyfriend, husband, groom, etc.) should give a push present to his beloved, but in recent years there has been a tendency that all family members or even close friends can safely make such gifts. The very essence of such a present is to make the lady happy and show her your boundless love and participation, and such an impulse can come from anyone who is close to her.

Earrings with gemstonesEarrings with gemstones

Such surprises for young mom began to gain popularity back in the 90s and over the following decades they became more and more in demand. But the peak came in 2010, when several famous Hollywood divas shared on their social networks the push-presents made for them and revealed this topic in detail. The idea received a huge response, and it was the impetus for the creation of a whole contemporary tradition! Just imagine that such a wonderful and incredibly cute custom was born before our eyes!

The most common option for such a gift is precious accessories - these are like things forever that will please a mom and, perhaps, later become part of family history that will pass from generation to generation.

Why are precious decorations the best idea for a push present?

After a long nine months of pregnancy and childbirth itself, every young mummy deserves to be pleased and pampered. And what can please a girl more than a beautiful jewel? And most importantly, it will be a product only for her, something very individual and valuable. This is a surprise that is chosen personally for a woman and so that it best suits her tastes, wishes and mood. And the jewels do the job perfectly! A young mum will wear this decoration and every time she will remember this most special moment of her life - the birth of her beloved child! In this accessory, she will feel the most beautiful and special, and this is extremely significant for a woman after childbirth. In addition, literally nothing will happen to such a gift - it will serve its owner for many years and will always remind her of this important turning point.

If you have no idea what to give in this situation - welcome to the FJewellery catalogue! Here you will find a lot of suitable options and get the most competent advice on the selection from our experts. Experienced consultants are always in touch in the online chat and are ready to help you in any matter. Contact us, and we will search the best options for you!

Chic push present - what to choose?

We have compiled a small list of goods that will be relevant as a push-present and invite you to explore them in our assortment.

Fancy necklacesFancy necklaces

1. Personalised pendants and fancy necklaces. Initial decorations are the best way to make your choice as personal as possible. You can select a necklace with the first letter of the name of the child or girl, it can also be the initial letter of your surname. You can form a whole word out of pendants - a cute nickname for your sweetheart, a baby's name, or any other word or phrase that is meaningful to both of you. Try to pick up not long and capacious combinations so that they look beautiful on the neck of your lady.

2. Stacking rings. Each girl has a couple of rings that she wears all the time, which means you can choose an original addition to her collection. Perhaps she wants to wear them separately or supplement an existing set with them - in any case, this gift idea will be very appropriate and practical.

3. Tennis bracelets or models with charms. These luxurious decorations will be an impeccable addition to the image of a contemporary lady and will be highly appreciated by her. It will turn out to make suddenness individual if you select a model with the birthstone of a girl or your joint child. You can also find additional themed bracelet charms to match the occasion. Such elements will coolly emphasise your attention to detail and will definitely appeal to a young impulsive mom.

4. Beautiful earrings with gemstones. This is one of the most versatile and practical types of jewellery, and therefore the selection won't be a problem for you. You can also rely on the options for birthstone or just pick-up crystals of her favourite colour. In addition, it won't be difficult for you to study in advance the earrings that she prefers to wear and find something that matches them.

What budget should be allocated for a push present?

This is the only section of our article where we cannot give you a clear answer. There is no certain amount of money and a lower limit of cost in such gifts - it all depends on your capabilities and the meaning that you put into your present. You can even choose a piece of jewellery up to £100, but its value will be priceless to both of you. Don't try to keep up with the high price or spend all the money on such a gift - after all, you have a kid and most of the funds will be needed to provide for this new little man. To tell your beloved about your feelings, you don't need to have a lot of money - you just need to know exactly what she will like and buy it!

In the FJewellery store you can do it without unnecessary stress and problems! Just go to our website, consult with consultants, study the range and select the best options for your secret surprise. We are waiting and hope that you will be attracted by our efforts and ideas! Welcome!

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