The Complete Guide to Buying Used Rings

The Complete Guide to Buying Used Rings

Used rings

When you decide to make a marriage proposal to your significant other, you immediately begin to think through a lot of details: look for the right place and time, choose the right words, etc. But first of all, of course, you need to find the amazing ring that will delight your lady and will look perfect on her finger. And here a balanced and thoughtful approach to buying is very important.

Nowadays, pre-owned jewellery has become popular, and "FJewellery" experts advise you to pay attention to these particular accessories as such a special gift. Let's see why.

Second hand engagement rings: a whole new way to propose?

There're several important facts in favor of this acquisition

  • Significant savings. You can find used jewellery of the highest quality for much less money than the mass market will offer you. Moreover, the choice is simply huge: gold, silver and platinum models with inserts from a variety of precious stones. And such a ring will be really special, since there's nothing like it in ordinary stores. But most importantly, you can save money that will be useful for other wedding expenses. An ideal choice for pragmatic people.
  • This jewellery has a special history. And if your darling loves vintage style and atypical accessorise, then she will definitely like such a gift. Think also about making some unusual engraving on this ring and finding a beautiful antique case for it.
  • Conscious consumption. An important aspect if both of you respect nature and strive to preserve it. Indeed, in today's society, buying used equipment, clothing or electronics has become the absolute norm. So why not set a useful new trend and start buying jewellery in the same way?

What is important to pay attention to when buying?

When choosing used engagement rings, you should also consider several very important factors

  • Always choose only reliable and trusted stores that have all the necessary certificates and can confirm the quality and authenticity of their products. So, you'll definitely be protected from forgery and nothing will overshadow your joy from the upcoming event.
  • Be sure to check that there is a test or a manufacturer's stamp on the metal. So, you can determine the quality of the product and make sure of its originality. Never hesitate to ask the seller questions and ask them to clarify anything that you don't understand.
  • Study the jewellery carefully before purchasing. The product should not have any chips or scratches, as well as any scuffs. The gem should also be transparent, clean and free of defects. Usually, in good stores, such accessorise are carefully checked, cleaned and polished before being sold, but attention to detail will never be superfluous.

Pre-owned Rings

How to choose the right decoration?

The main question is how to find that perfect ring that a girl will like 100%?

  • First, analyze in advance what accessorise your chosen one likes to wear. Consider three main points: type of metal, precious gemstones and their color, decoration style.
  • Find out the exact size so that at the most important moment it doesn't turn out that the ring is too small or, on the contrary, large. If you are unable to find out on your own, you can ask her friends or mother for help, and they will probably tell you.

The most important advice is to listen to your inner voice and choose with your heart. After all, who, if not you, knows exactly what your beloved girlfriend will like? And when you have made your final choice, take a look at the "FJewellery" website and choose the unique and special ring that you like best. We wish you to hear the cherished "Yes"!

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