The most amazing mineral on the planet

The most amazing mineral on the planet

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Sparkling diamond - it bewitches with its beauty and enchants with brilliance. And many know very well what kind of stone it is and what its value is. But diamonds have many secrets and some of them you definitely didn't know before! The specialists of the "FJewellery" store have selected the most interesting of them for you, and we won't hesitate to tell you about them. So, let's get started!

10 secrets you didn’t know about diamonds

So, what astonishing stories can this famous gem tell us?


Tears of the Gods - that's how diamonds were called in Ancient Greece. They were also thought to be shards of stars that fall to earth from the night sky. In ancient Rome, they believed that the arrowhead of Cupid himself was made of them. The word "Adamas" came to us from the Greek language, where it meant an irresistible and truly divine power. There is a legend that the greatest commanders of that time went into battle in armor that was covered with diamonds.


In the Middle Ages, shiny nuggets were extremely prized. Then people believed that they have healing and even magical properties. By the 13th century, jewellers had already learned the art of cutting and began to create the first jewellery with these crystals, but they didn't gain popularity. The fact is that a religiously minded society was inclined to believe that during processing the stone loses its unique properties.

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The most expensive and, accordingly, the rarest stone in the whole world is the Red Diamond. The only deposit of these coloured minerals on the planet is in Australia and they are mined in very small quantities. The specimens found don't weigh more than 0.5 carats. Sometimes nuggets of slightly heavier weight are found and sent to auctions, where the price for just one carat starts at one million dollars.


On Earth, diamonds are an expensive luxury. But if we had the opportunity to live on distant Jupiter or even more distant from us Saturn - they would literally fall on our heads! It's true. Both of these planets regularly rain of shining gems. A large amount of carbon is found in the atmospheres of these two gas giants. Thousands of lightning strikes turn it into graphite, and then diamonds are formed. As a result, precious rain falls into the hot liquid sea - the core of the planets. Scientists' calculations tell us that at least one ton of diamonds is formed on Saturn per year, and they are all by no means small.


Diamonds are used not only in jewellery. On the contrary, most of the mined minerals (70-80%) are used in industry as cutting materials, since they aren't suitable for creating expensive accessorise.


You probably know that artificial diamonds can be synthesized in laboratories, but you have hardly heard that they can be made even from alcohol. And it's not a joke! In sunny Mexico, scientists have found a way to create gems from ordinary tequila. And although they turn out to be small, this is already enough for industrial purposes.


An even more incredible result was achieved by researchers from the Bavarian University. They tried to simulate the conditions that are typical for the mantle of our planet, and as a result of the experiment, they accidentally managed to get a diamond from a simple peanut butter. Of course, such experiments are very expensive, and the process of obtaining even the smallest crystal takes several weeks, so there is no need to talk about an industrial scale yet. But a start has been made!


About ten years ago, an unusual ring made entirely of diamonds was created in Switzerland. The one-of-a-kind jewellery weighs over 150 carats.


By the way, the tradition of giving a ring for engagement also appeared thanks to diamonds. Maximilian I of Austria gave his bride Mary, Duchess of Burgundy, an incredibly beautiful ring covered with these sparkling stones. And today, not a single engagement is necessary without this romantic gift.


Koh-I-Noor. The treasure is native to exotic India and England's most famous diamond. Since its discovery, this stone has been shrouded in a series of strange and amazing mysteries, but from the moment it came into the possession of Queen Victoria, all the troubles associated with it are over. This amazing gem weighs 105 carats, and today it adorns the crown that belongs to Queen Elizabeth II. They say that only a god or a woman can own this diamond with impunity.

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For all the years of diamond mining, many unique specimens have been found. Much has already been written about the largest stones, and about the purest ones, and even about those that carry terrible secrets and curses. There are enough legends and stories for a whole book. In the meantime, you can take a look at the "FJewellery" website and find some special diamond accessory in the online catalogue. And who knows, maybe after a while it will acquire some extraordinary story.

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