Types of earring clasps

Types of earring clasps


The fastener is that detail of jewelry that we rarely look at when buying. But the durability and reliability of earrings, their safety and wearing comfort depend on it. When you lose your favorite accessory, it is very upsetting, so it's important to always check the quality of the attachment and its strength when choosing. It's good that now there is a huge variety of types of earring clasps and each of them has its own peculiarities and advantages. And to make it easier for you to navigate them, the FJewellery team has compiled a list of them with a detailed description. So, let's begin!

How to select

The range of ear jewellery is very large: all kinds of styles, shapes and combinations - sometimes it can be difficult to make the right choice and take into account all the important factors. If we talk about those nuances that directly affect the price and quality of the product, then these are:

Dangle Earrings

It's on the last point that we will focus on this article. Sometimes the appearance of the clasp directly depends on the design of the earrings, but more often standard, time-tested and guaranteed reliable options are used, such as:

  1. Push fastener. Most often found on stud earrings, it's considered the fastest and easiest type of attachment, especially if you often change accessories. Additionally, it can be fixed with a silicone tip so that the sharp edge of the earring doesn't press.
  2. A screw is another common type of stud fastener. The pin of the earring has a thread on which a smooth tip is twisted, which doesn't put pressure on ear and doesn't cause any discomfort. One of the simplest and most convenient options for babies, especially as a first decoration.
  3. Lever back. Surely you have ever heard the name of the ladies patent, and it's not surprising, since this is the most common and durable type of clasp, which is most often used in various womens models. Sturdy yet dainty clip holds securely and is guaranteed to prevent loss of your jewelry.
  4. French clasp. Another very common variety that jewelers use in different models of earrings. It has the same fastening principle as the ladies patent, but is almost invisible, as it's hidden behind the earlobe.
  5. Click clasp. Most commonly used in Huggies earrings, the fashion for which is actively spreading among men. The convenient design of the decoration with an almost imperceptible and strong clasp is the perfect unisex option.
  6. Afrohook. In fact, this is not even a clasp, but an accessory part - a simple hook that is held in the earlobe due to the weight of the earring itself. Previously, they were used mainly with ordinary bijouterie, but now such models have become so popular that they can be found in many collections of major jewellery brands. As a rule, these are rather large earrings with bright gemstones or other precious decorative elements.
  7. Front closure. This model has been conceived and designed specifically for children, from babies to older young ladies. The latch is located on the front of the accessory and provides a secure fit, which is convenient and very practical.
  8. A classic hoop earring, discreet and elegant, where a thin pin is inserted into the opposite tube, due to which the accessory seems to be solid, and the clasp element is almost invisible. Also called a spring lock.

Huggies Earrings

Here, perhaps, are all the most common types of fasteners that we can definitely recommend. In the FJewellery online shop you can pick up a beautiful pair of earrings at the most reasonable prices. Each product on the website has a detailed description and pictures, so you can view it from all sides and choose the model with the clasp that suits you. In addition, you can buy other original accessories from us to complement your new earrings. Our catalogue contains many luxurious precious products, such as:

We will help you assemble a unique jewellery set for you or as a gift to a loved one, which will be of special value and worn with pleasure. Welcome!

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