Used jewellery - yes or no?

Used jewellery - yes or no?

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When it comes to second-hand jewellery, many have a negative reaction. In fact, there is nothing wrong with such accessories, and the advantages of buying them are obvious. Below we will talk about this in more detail, and then you can look at the "FJewellery" website and pick up some unique pre-owned product.

3 things to consider before buying second hand jewellery

Of course, when buying such goods, you need to pay attention to many aspects, but as a result you always win!

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The most important thing is to make a purchase from a trusted seller. It's great if you've already bought up here and know that this supplier is honest and can guarantee the quality of their products. If not, carefully study the reviews about the seller or store:

  • what is the quality of the product,
  • whether it corresponds to the declared,
  • is it possible to return the goods,
  • whether there were any problems with payment or receipt.

You also need to clarify whether the products have certificates of authenticity and check the presence of a hallmark with a sample. If a piece of jewellery was not created at a factory, it must bear the stamp of the craft jeweller who made it. Later you can take this thing yourself to a jewellery workshop or pawnshop and make sure that it is real. When you are sure that everything is in order, you can safely proceed to the selection and purchase.

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Among the used jewellery, you can find unique and very rare items. It can be:

Many people sell such things without realizing their real value. And you can become the proud owner of such a retro thing. Of course, such unusual and exclusive gizmos are not sold very often, and it can be difficult to find them, but for connoisseurs of vintage jewellery this can be a real adventure with a coveted prize at the end. By the way, if your close friend or loved one loves and collects such items, this will be a great gift for him.

Very often, among such products, you can find something that you liked for a long time, but you could not buy it earlier, and now you cannot find it anywhere. Or, on the contrary, you really liked the decoration, but it is too expensive. Do not forget that people very often sell their practically new things, and some of them even have price tags. And since such a product will already be much cheaper in the secondary market, you can easily afford what you have wanted for so long without overpaying for beautiful packaging and avoiding store markups.

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This is how we smoothly moved on to the third point, which is worth your attention. Of course, this is the price! It's no secret that retail stores always make their own mark-up on goods and that's okay. But if you have the opportunity to buy a thing of the same quality and save money at the same time, why not use it? Actually, second-hand can cost 20-45% less than the same new jewellery.

So, if you have thoroughly checked everything and studied all the details, you can safely buy pre-owned jewellery and not hesitate that they will definitely meet all your expectations. And our "FJewellery" store is ready to guarantee you the proper quality of all such products and their perfect appearance. Always at your service!

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