What is a tennis bracelet and how to wear it

What is a tennis bracelet and how to wear it

Tennis Bracelets Set

It seems rather strange such a name for this precious accessory. After all, it would seem, what does sport have to do with luxury jewels, and how can they be interconnected? In this article, FJewellery specialists will reveal to you the true reason for the popularity of these beautiful decorations and tell you in detail about how and with what to wear them correctly. And this story is really interesting! So, get comfortable and let's learn all about these trendy tennis bracelets together! Let's start with the basics.

Multicolor tennis braceletsMulticolor tennis bracelets

How did they appear, and where does this name come from?

Tennis is definitely a very popular sport and many people followed high-profile matches with great excitement. Especially, like the US Open - it was a highlight. And everyone knew the equally bright star Chris Evert - a magnificent professional tennis player who shone on the court in the 80s. In 1987, she participated in the championship and in the midst of the match, a luxurious diamond bracelet from Cartier flew off her hand. In order to find a decoration then the competition was stopped. Chris herself admitted later in an interview that she could not continue the game without her favorite lucky bracelet, since for her, it was a real talisman, and she wore it every time for important matches.

This event couldn't go unnoticed. And although bracelets in the form of a thin thread of diamonds came into fashion back in the 70s, it was this case that brought them a new wave of popularity and gave them such a unique name. And the most zealous fashionistas, of course, immediately rushed to buy this marvelous accessory for themselves, and they appeared in many collections of the most famous brands! By the way, in 2014, the world-famous Serena Williams won the same championship and did it for the 18th time. For the victory, she was presented with just such a graceful tennis bracelet from the Tiffany brand.

It was after this incident that the jewelers revised the quality of the clasp and did a good job on its reliability. Since then, for such bracelets, a box-lock is most often used, thanks to its strength. The FJewellery store catalogue contains many popular models of these bracelets with such a secure clasp and the highest quality precious stones. Here you will find a model for every taste and budget!

Tennis bracelets - how they look and what they are

The most traditional type of this decoration is a thin precious thread strewn with a path of natural diamonds. The basis can be sterling silver or chic noble gold. There are varieties consisting of several rows of luxurious crystals connected at the base where the clasp is. For lovers of brighter accessories and multi-coloured stones, there are models with a wide variety of gems. The most popular inserts are:

Due to the unique design features and the large number of precious crystals, the value of such bracelets can be very high. Of course, you can always find more budget options, but the classics are definitely worth it! By the way, there are not only womens, but also mens variations of such bracelets, and many guys are happy to dilute their evening looks with them.

How to wear and what to combine with a tennis bracelet

There are no specific rules for wearing this jewellery - everyone puts it on in a way that is convenient. Many people prefer to wear a bracelet on their left hand, since the right is more often involved. Of course, if you are left-handed, it will be more convenient for you to do the opposite.

If you are concerned about the question of what to look for when buying, then here are some useful tips:

  • check the quality of fastening,
  • measure in advance and select the appropriate size,
  • check the authenticity of the stones.

Despite the fact that the bracelet is completely studded with luxurious and expensive gemstones, it can be used as a basis even for everyday looks. Of course, it looks very impressive with evening dresses, but fashionistas of the 70s proved to us that such accessories go well even with classic jeans or bright printed T-shirts. Therefore, if you are a fan of casual style, you should not deprive yourself of the pleasure of purchasing such a beautiful bracelet!

Diamonds tennis braceletsDiamonds tennis bracelets

We also note that a tennis bracelet can be a good basis for an unusual set of jewelry. It pairs well with other bracelets and watches and is perfect for layered kits. In our blog and on the pages on the Internet you will find many example pictures of how to mix and compose such models in an original way. You can also add other bright accessories to it, such as:

There are many more stylish accessories for sale at FJewellery website which will please you and will be a great addition to your most exclusive precious experiments. And a lot of pleasant discounts and bonuses guarantee that you will get the highest quality and luxurious decorations at the best price! Join now and create your unique wardrobe with us! Welcome!

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