Collection: Byzantine Chains

Buy byzantine chains made of 9 carat gold in FJewellery online

Most often we use a chain together with pendants. But there is weaving that allows you to create original self-sufficient chains that don't need any extras. This is Byzantine weaving. In the FJewellery shop, you can choose a 9ct gold Byzantine chain for everyday wear.

9ct Gold Byzantine Chains

Features of Byzantine weaving

The Byzantine style is characterized by intricate weaving, which contributes to the creation of very beautiful jewellery on the neck. They look like openwork lace frozen in metal. The combination of links in different planes allows you to create chic volumetric products for different looks:

The Byzantine design ensures the durability of the pieces. To enhance this property, you should choose 9 karat gold chains. The high content of alloying metals makes the 9-carat alloy as hard and durable as possible. 9 kt alloy is used to make college rings and many other gold items at an affordable cost.

In the sale of the FJewellery shop, you can choose chains and bracelets of different styles of weaving, rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. You can buy jewellery here at the best price. All products from the company’s assortment are presented in the catalogue with pictures and descriptions.