Collection: Foxtail Chains

Buy foxtail chains made of 14 carat gold in FJewellery online

The 14k foxtail chain is a basic unisex accessory that looks great on the neck and should be in everyone's collection. The assortment of the FJewellery shop presents various models of this weave type, which you can buy at the most affordable prices, and we also have a lot of nice bonuses and discounts for all our customers. Welcome!

Foxtail: how to choose and what to wear?

This design of 14 carat chains is perhaps the most exquisite and original. In appearance, it's very reminiscent of a luxurious tail and therefore has such a name. This 14kt chain can be worn as an independent accessory and at the same time it will look very self-sufficient. A feature of such a separate accessory can be a large and unusual clasp. You can also add any other 14 ct jewellery to it, for example:

In combination with other precious accessories, it looks no less beautiful, the main thing is that they all be in the same style (one colour and type of metal).

14ct Gold Foxtail Chains

Womens 14 karat versions tend to be thinner and sleeker, while men's are larger and voluminous. Such a chain can also be chosen for a child, as long as it's small in size and has a strong fastener.

In our online catalogue you can find other interesting 14 kt jewellery for her and for him, which will perfectly complement the foxtail model:

It's very easy to buy the perfect 14ct foxtail braided chain on the Fjewellery website. You just need to specify in the search the product you are looking for or select from the proposed categories. Each model has several detailed images and a full description, which will save you a lot of time and make your choice faster. We do everything for your convenience!