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18ct white gold bracelet is an indispensable attribute for every contemporary lady who is eager to emphasise the uniqueness of her own style and the exceptional charm of her looks. Beautiful, refined, dazzling - these magnificent accessories are literally created to give ladies royal luxury and light a fire in their eyes! And you can buy them on the FJewellery website, especially since we offer the best price for the entire assortment of trendy 18 carat bracelets for her. Join now, find your treasure and get it profitably! We are waiting for you!

What is the magic of white gold?

As you know, the key link for any accessory is a quality and flawless metal that can last a long time and retain its beauty and brilliance. 18 crt golden alloy in a cold white shade is like that, uncompromising quality at the most adequate cost!

The uniqueness of the alloy lies in its impeccable purity - 750 assay has the lowest content of genuine aurum, which ensures the highest wear resistance of products and a beautiful pure colour.

Also, this type of alloy contains virtually no nickel, a metal that can cause allergies or redness in people with overly sensitive skin. This is a definite plus of 18 karat gold and the best advertisement for it!

What else is there to say? 18 kt white metal is truly more than worth your while and deserves its reputation because it's special - just like you! Features of designs and styles, and possible jewelry combinations
To date, there are many different types and shapes of 18kt noble white gold bracelets in sale. Each design is unique and has its own advantages and ways to combine.

So, the most popular options are still exquisite jewellery weaving. Thin links are soldered and intertwined in many unusual ways, forming solid and durable chains on wrist - this is a classic that will never get old and will certainly be good for any look, from casual to strict business attire.

In addition, tennis bracelets occupy a special place in this hierarchy - luxurious, sophisticated, with a dazzling radiance of real gemstones. Such model is the best addition to chic evening dresses and solemn costumes for the most special occasions!

Another popular variety of 18k white gold bracelet are fancy items. They have bizarre shapes, non-standard sizes and an abundance of small volumetric decor. Female models often use animalistic or floral motifs, as a tribute to the real manifestation of femininity and grace. You can study them in more detail in the pictures in our catalogue and make them a highlight for your most delicate and romantic looks.

Also, in our online boutique there are more than a hundred traditional gold and beautiful silver womens accessories for all occasions and every taste - you can not only find your ideal bracelet, but also pick up an exceptional 18 ct set for it, for example from:

We constantly update our collection so that each of our clients can satisfy their most special desires and needs! Contact FJewellery managers and stay tuned for updates! Welcome!