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To look beautiful and fashionable, to emphasise your virtues, to complement your image, to tell a story - all this will help to make a men's necklace. The FJewellery online store offers a huge collection of this jewellery made in different styles. Want a chain that can be seen from space? Looking for something discreet to keep a secret under your shirt? Need a pendant that accentuates your style? We have chic jewellery in stock and padlock, in modern and vintage styles, available for yourself or as a gift. Gifting jewellery is always a good custom. Below you will find information to help you make your choice.

Name Plate NecklacesName Plate Necklaces

Why you should buy men's necklaces

Decide on the basic parameters before you start choosing jewellery from our selection, and you're sure to get what you need. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Think about how you want to use the necklace. It could be a pectoral cross that you don't want anyone to see, or it could be a large necklace that will shine.
  • Assemble the look one or more times for this piece of jewellery. This will make it easier for you to decide on the length and thickness of the piece. For example, a wide medium-length chain with a massive pendant will look better worn over a T-bar, but it will look less attractive with an open T-shirt.
  • Decide on the colour of the metal. Should the necklace be in warm tones, cool tones, or neutral? As a rule, the main parameter for choosing in this case is the tone of your skin. If it is cold, you should choose silver or white gold, if it is warm, then pay attention to products of lemon and yellow gold; if it is neutral, then you may wear everything; and also, a product of rose gold will look good on you. Also, an important factor will be the set of accessories you already have available.
  • Take care of your health, especially if you have had metal allergies before. Choose nickel-free alloys. It is this element that is responsible for the violent reaction of the skin. Guaranteed to be free of it in both expensive 18-karat gold and cheap sterling silver.
  • Think about quantity. First, choosing a few options will save you time. Sit back and put together your ideal set of accessories. Second, if you buy multiple items, the seller may offer you a discounted price or discount on the second and subsequent items. Saved = earned. This is a nice option.
  • Choose one with a twist. If you are buying a necklace not for yourself but as a gift for boyfriend, then pay attention to the style the man prefers, and think about why you want to give the necklaces for him. A gift with meaning always wins. Put your own story into it to make it real.

A really important step when choosing a necklace is choosing the right length. Below you will find a chat with detailed information and specifications, but we recommend always trying it on. How do you do this if the store is online?

  1. Take a look at a thread. It should be clearly visible and contrasted.
  2. Turn it around your neck and, gradually adding and subtracting lengths, see which version suits you best.
  3. Reduce the length of the thread with a knot or simply cut it off. Place the thread against the ruler. This will be the optimal length. You can take several measurements. No one is saying that only one size will fit you.
  4. You can also use this method to measure the thickness. Just choose threads of different diameters.

Men's Gold Necklaces

How to choose the length of the necklace

See the length descriptions below for more information. Please note that the descriptions are approximate. We give them to a person of average height and physique.

  • If you want something shorter, choose a size 14–18 inches. Such jewellery will be noticeable in any outfit: a shirt or a T-shirt.
  • The optimal chain size for many may be 20 to 22 inches. In this case, the necklace will be at collarbone level. This option looks good if you wear a shirt or t-shirt. You can choose almost any width.
  • If you plan to wear the pendant on a chain, choose a gold & silver necklace between 22 and 25 inches long. In this case, the pendant will fall to the midsection of your chest, which is the best option for wearing most jewellery. Such jewellery can still be worn on the body or on clothing.
  • If you want to attract attention, it is better to choose a pendant between 24 and 30 inches in length. Most often, they are worn over clothes. For the model to look harmonious, it is recommended to choose thicker pieces.

What about the width?

To achieve harmony, you need to choose the best option that will combine the ideal length and width. Agreed, a long, thin chain with a massive pendant can look childish, and you will not achieve the desired effect. To avoid this, let's see what options you can find on the market:

  • If you don't plan to draw undue attention and are looking for something for the soul, then products from 1 to 6 mm wide will be the best choice for you. Most of the models on the market have exactly this width. The jewellery will sit perfectly on the body and, in most cases, will not even be noticeable.
  • A width of 6 to 10 mm would look great in necklaces that you plan to wear over your clothes. It's such a happy medium. They are not yet very big, but they are not so thin (almost invisible) either.
  • If you want to be the centre of attention and you like voluminous trendy jewellery, then a thickness of 10 mm is your choice. You will not go unnoticed!

Please note that thickness is a relative concept. On gents of thin build, a chain with a thickness of 8 mm will look even too massive. If we take a man with a chunky physique, the jewellery with a thickness of 10 mm on it may look quite ordinary and not cause a surprise. Everything is individual, and we recommend you figure out these two parameters: length and thickness, before you start choosing and buying.

The top four main types of guy's necklaces

Yes, there really are more, but we decided to summarise all the options so that you don't spend a lot of time reading eternity. For each category, we give recommendations on how to use them and tell you about the main parameters that are worth paying attention to.

Chain necklace mens

The classic category, which meets the needs of the majority in terms of beauty, is the largest and most beloved by many. Male necklaces of this minimalist type differ in the following parameters: length, thickness, type of weave, and clasp. If we have already talked about the length and thickness, then let's deal with the other two parameters.

If we talk about the main types of casual weaving, there are a total of 10. If we distribute them by popularity, we can make the following list:

  • Cable is the most popular type of chain weave. They are simple and look neat. Most often, they are chosen to wear a necklace on their bodies. The repeating pattern is quite simple: oval links are inserted into each other in turn at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Curb chains are no less attractive to our customers. The pattern is similar to the previous version, but with one nuance. This necklace is straightforward. Imagine that you draw a chain of cables, and now mentally roll it with a heavy roller. You will receive a cable that has been flattened into one plane. On the body, such a pattern looks terrific, especially in massive jewellery.
  • The pattern is also known as a nautical anchor. It's clear from there what we're up against. It is a ship's anchor chain made of precious metal, which will hang on the neck. The slightly curved, oval-shaped links have a crossbar in the middle. It looks simple but is definitely eye-catching.
  • A Rope is a very cool weave that is quite often chosen for elegance. It is a braided chain with a C-link. As the name implies, it really resembles a twisted rope. A very strong type of weave that can easily withstand any load in the form of a massive cross.
  • Figaro is a one-of-a-kind weave pattern curb chain. It has one long link interspersed with two or three short ones. It looks airy and stylish.
  • Box weaving looks like small boxes strung on a base. In fact, each link consists of two wide strips that are inserted into each other at right angles. The designer gives the edges a crisper, square look. This option would look great with a variety of pendants.
  • Ball or rolo chains. It is similar to the previous type of weaving, but instead of boxes, there are balls. They can be placed quite close to each other or have some space between them. Most often used to carry tokens and trinkets.
  • Wheat looks like a real weave. It is one of the strongest types of wicker, so it is quite often used for hangers. Here, all the wheat link are laid out in the same direction to create a directional effect.
  • Herringbone chains are wide, flat chains consisting of V-shaped multidirectional links. They look great on the body, but are definitely not suitable for wearing pendants, as they tend to break. We also recommend them for those who don't have very strong hair. The thing is, the hairs get caught in the thin gaps between the links and don't have time to slip out when they move, causing them to break.
  • Snake. Beautiful and elegant products really resemble a snake in gold or silver. It looks beautiful on the body. Round in cross-section, it is formed by plates tightly adhering to each other. Visually, a layered effect is created.

Necklaces for GentsNecklaces for Gents

These are the fundamental options from which new, elegant, and fashionable weaves such as belcher, Cuban, and others emerge.

Such necklaces can be worn alone or in layering. There can be any number of layers. It can be double or triple linked.

You need the right clasp for a chain to hold well around your neck. To know that it's right for you, you need to understand the difference between the different designs. Below you will read about the main types you may encounter:

  • Clasps for Fish Hooks. One of the earliest clasps to be found on vintage items. The mechanism is simple: a hook on both sides holds the necklace in place.
  • Barrel clasp. Why such a name? Outwardly, they really look like thick barrels. Two pieces (full, less often full) connect the two ends of the chain in a way as simple as the world: on a string.
  • Spring Ring. This and the next clasp came about when jewellers began using springs. The spring mechanism ensures ease of use. The clasp is in the shape of a ring.
  • Lobster claw. The closing and opening mechanisms are the same as the previous ones. It is a spring mechanism. The shape really resembles a "lobster claw."
  • The magnetic clasp is probably the easiest way to secure a necklace. The design uses two magnets that are forcefully attracted to each other.

Necklaces with pendants

There is a huge category of personalized jewellery that can help you create the perfect look. It is the one who can assist you in selecting the best option at the time based on what you wear, where you go, and what impression you want to make. It's no longer a neutral chain that has almost no story. It's something that will tell a lot more about you. Below, we offer some of the most popular options to inspire you.

  • Tokens were invented during World War I; since then, they have changed somewhat and have become quite firmly established in modern fashion. There can only be one, not two. You can also find gem-encrusted pieces with engraved inscriptions. If you wish, a name or any other inscription that inspires you can be engraved on the mirror surface.
  • Pendants depicting a bird (crows, eagles, and other raptors) or a feather speak of freedom.
  • Products with anchors, as well as those with the image of St. Christopher, speak of stability, protection, confidence, and security.
  • Religious jewellery is for the soul. They can be crosses (for example, Celtic crosses), pendants with Buddha, or with images of saints. They are often worn on the body.
  • Lockets are unique keepers of spiritual secrets, prayers to the saints, and wishes written on a piece of paper that are sure to come true. Here you can also hide a picture of your loved one, so that it will always be closer to your heart.

Coins and cute medallions will bring good luck, etc.

In addition, there are such beautiful models as a choker (placed at the base of the neck), tennis (jewellery arranged in a single row), etc. And do not believe it if you hear the statement that men do not wear necklaces. In fact, it is a very masculine piece of jewellery.

Chain Necklace MensChain Necklace Mens

Necklaces from luxury gemstones, semi-precious stones, and beads

This design is as old as our world. Beaded jewellery looks interesting and creates a unique aura around a person. They are often chosen by people close to Eastern culture, yoga lovers, and those who are in search of harmony. Such jewellery can be made of different materials with inserts of precious metals (silver and gold). Quite often, the clasp is also made of metal. For example, onyx beads and onyx signet rings look very stylish.

Affordable leather jewellery

Another win-win option for a man. For example, choose a pendant close to your heart and attach a leather lanyard to it. The main rule to adhere to in this case is to choose jewellery so that the tones of leather in your ensemble match each other (shoes, gloves, belt). Then it will look trending and attract attention.

How to care for your jewellery at home

Like good shoes, jewellery will look good if cared for properly. To keep your necklaces beautiful at all times:

  • Gold and silver jewellery can be washed in warm, soapy water from time to time. After such a "bath," remove the necklace and wipe it with a dry, lint-free cloth. If your jewellery contains precious minerals, rinse it with cold water and dry it in the sun. Once or twice a year (depending on how heavily you wear it), have the piece professionally cleaned by a jeweller to refresh the coating.
  • Leather necklaces should not be washed under running water or in the bathtub, as this may damage or destroy them. Instead, use a mild cleanser without a moisturising effect. Take a small cloth, drop the cleaner on it, and gently wipe the entire surface in a sliding motion. Then take a clean cloth and wipe off the rest of the product. Allow the ornament to dry.
  • Jewellery made of wooden beads and beads. To polish the beads, use a toothbrush, mild detergent, and a little water. Clean the beads, then wipe all elements thoroughly with a dry, clean cloth. Allow the beads to air dry.

Don't forget to show your jewelry to your jeweller from time to time. He or she will be able to polish and clean the surface, check the fasteners, and give the pieces a new, more presentable look.

The FJewellery online store offers a large assortment of fashion necklaces on sale, made in different styles. To choose a product, all you have to do is browse through the catalogue, select the best options, and make your choice. To facilitate all these processes, we have prepared for you this detailed article; each product has a photo in which you can examine in detail all the details, and there is also a detailed description of each model and an indicated cost. If you have any questions, our concierge will be happy to help you find the perfect gift or dream necklace for yourself.