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Women of all ages like outfits and jewellery. Therefore, you can please your beloved grandmother with a beautiful ring and it will always come in handy. But you have to be very careful when choosing jewellery because not all jewellery is suitable for older women. The FJewellery online shop will help you with your choice. Nan ring is a great gift for your grandmother, reminding her every day of your love and attention.

Types of grandmother rings

There is a custom of giving a ring to a mother. The design of such a ring is adorned with a gem. It can be one or more gemstones. Moreover, each gemstone should match each mother's child's month of birth. Today jewellers offer such personalized rings for grandmothers. The design can have stones for grandchildren only or for children and grandchildren. Undoubtedly, such a ring evokes many sentimental feelings. However, would it be right to order just such a ring for your grandmother? Is she ready to wear jewellery with lots of stones? Will it be practical and create harmonious images? - Not always. Such a gift will come in handy on the birth of a first grandchild. This jewellery will be special for a woman as a symbol of acquiring a new status.

But there is a universal option. The personalization of the ring is expressed not by gemstones, but by the inscription - "NAN". This ring is more practical and will perfectly complement the image of an elegant lady. You can easily match it with another original piece of jewellery, such as pendants butterfly. Grandma rings make a great gift for your grandmother for her birthday, Grandmother's Day or a chance to make your dear one happy just for no reason.

Grandmother rings

The ring nanny in our shop comes in several varieties:

  • Ring entirely in 9K yellow gold with "NAN" inscription. The rim of the ring is quite wide with a carved geometric pattern.
  • Ring in 9K yellow gold with diamond mesh. The inscription "NAN" is part of the ring. It is decorated with cubic zirconia crystals.
  • Yellow gold ring, inlaid with cubic zirconia, with large geometric cut-outs in the wide part of the rim.

Why do jewellers offer this type of ring?

  • Yellow gold is a classic choice. It is often preferred by older women. 9-carat gold is quite strong and resistant to all kinds of shocks. The jewellery made of this material is practical and durable.
  • Cubic zirconia is an amazing crystal. Its beauty rivals that of diamonds. The cubic zirconia rings can be matched with other sophisticated pieces of jewellery like fancy earrings, etc.
  • Each model is quite wide. Ladies of elegant age prefer to wear this type of ring. Cut-outs made in the wide part of the rim relieve the piece from feeling bulky, giving it a light and airy feel.

Where to buy a ring for your grandmother

We often don't have enough time to spend with our loved ones, especially if they live apart. Buying a ring online can save you time. You can spend it more profitably if you pay attention to your grandmother. In addition, buying online will cost a little less than in a jewellery shop. To choose your jewellery, simply browse through the catalogue. You will not only find images, but also descriptions of each model. All that remains is to discuss the details with a manager and place your order. It only takes a few minutes.

The FJewellery online shop offers a wide assortment of gold and silver jewellery of different styles. Here you can buy engagement and wedding rings, rings for mom, dad or grandmother. Earrings, chains, crosses, tassel necklaces and more are also available for sale at a very affordable price. Are you looking for the right size ring? Dreaming of surprising your grandmother with a ring of a unique design? You can order everything from our shop. The company has its own workshop. Here, they will quickly and efficiently fulfil any of your orders. Just contact the concierge and we will help.