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Rose gold is perfect for those who prefer extraordinary solutions in everything. Pale rose gold jewellery looks very attractive. The FJewellery online shop offers various types of rose gold jewellery. Among them are 14kt rose gold rings. They are beautiful and presentable.

And while pink is more appealing to girls and women, men don't mind buying a rose gold ring either. In the assortment of our shop they can find spectacular diamond rings in the style of a signet or a diamond sign style. The pink hue of the precious metal enhances the brilliance of the diamond. It gives them a special touch of glamour.

What is 14 ct rose gold?

The natural colour of gold is yellow. All other colours of precious metals are obtained by alloying gold with other metals. Copper gives the alloy a pink hue. The higher the content of copper in the alloy, the pinker the colour will be. If the alloy consists only of copper and gold, then it turns red. Adding silver makes the colour more subtle. In other words, rose gold is an alloy of gold, copper and silver. The hue of the pink and its intensity depend on the percentage of each element in the alloy.

14ct Rose Gold Rings

Previously, rose gold was not popular in jewellery. Moreover, if the alloy turned out to be pink, it was considered a defect. It wasn't until the end of the last century that jewellers started using it to make jewellery. Rose gold jewellery looks luxurious. There is always a touch of romance in it. And gemstones in its setting take on a deeper and richer colour. Morganite earrings, for example, look very elegant.

Rings and other rose gold jewellery are very elegant and therefore gaining in popularity at the promise of marriage, chosen for wedding situations and used to create a stylish, romantic look.

The most popular are 14 carat rose gold rings. It is a 585-carat alloy that contains 32.5 per cent copper and 9 per cent silver and the remaining 58.5 per cent gold. It has a delicate pink hue and is used not only for rings but also for chains, bracelets, pendants, etc.

Benefits of the rose gold 14k ring include:

  • resistance to mechanical damage, scratches, oxidation and other external influences;
  • the pure gold content of the alloy is sufficient to keep the jewellery looking presentable and retaining its original appearance for a long time;
  • amazing pale pink colour;
  • quite acceptable worth.

This gold is ideal for large and medium-sized jewellery, including rings. But it is not suitable for designs with openwork patterns. The high copper content greatly reduces the natural malleability of the gold.

You can wear a 14 karat rose gold ring every day. You just need to choose a versatile model that fits comfortably on the finger and blends in with different outfits and the jewellery you often wear (chains gold coated, favourite earrings or bracelets bead).

Where to Buy Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold jewellery is very popular today. You can buy them in almost any salon. If you're not a fan of shopping, even in jewellery shops, you can use online sales. Today, the jewellery market makes extensive use of modern technology. Therefore, you can buy jewellery online at a more affordable price.

This is exactly the kind of service offered by the FJewellery online shop. Here you will find a wide range of gold rings and other jewellery for him and for her, including rose gold. The catalogue contains a description of each product and pictures of it. Here you will find the answer to the question of how much worth. The company has a jewellery workshop, allowing you to buy jewellery at the best possible cost with no extra charges. Here you can buy jewellery as a gift for any occasion, choose a new piece or a piece of jewellery with a story about something you've long dreamt of.